Geotechnical Engineering is the sub-discipline of Civil Engineering that is concerned with studying the engineering properties of soil and rock and developing solutions to engineering problems. The scope of our service includes the following works:

  1. Soil investigation for the design of any kind of Building and Structural Foundation
  2. Soil and Material Survey
  3. Soil Improvement by cement stabilized, sand cement stabilized, and etc.
  4. Installation of Measuring Instrument for Geotechnical Behavior by Inclinometer, Piezometer, Extensometer, and etc.
  5. Slope Stability, Settlement Analysis, and Bearing Capacity Analysis
  6. Power and Water Transmission Line Investigation
  7. Mineral Resource Investigation
  8. Concrete/Rock Coring and Testing
  9. Field Soil Test
    • In Situ Tests
      • Standard Penetration Test, SPT
      • Cone Penetration Test, CPT และ Piezocone Penetration Test, CPTu
      • Field Vane Shear Test
      • Kunzelstab
      • Field Density Test
      • Pressure meter Test
      • DCPT (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test)
      • Plate Bearing Test
      • Field CBR test
    • Geophysical Method
      • Soil Resistivity Test
      • Thermal Conductivity Test
      • Downhole Seismic Test
    • Pile and Foundation test
      • Pile Integrity Test
      • Seismic Test
      • Static load Test
      • Dynamic load Test
      • Sonic Logging Test
  10. Structural Strength test
    • Compressive Strength Test
    • Tensile Test
    • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
    • Turn Load Test
  11. LAB Test
    • Soil Classification
    • Soil Compaction
    • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
    • Permeability Test
    • Consolidation Test
    • Constant Rate of Strain (CRS)
    • Unconfined Compression Test
    • Direct Shear Test
    • Triaxial Test (UU, CU, CD)