A topographic survey is a survey conducted to obtain the data needed for the preparation of a topographical map. This data consists of the horizontal and vertical locations of the features to be shown on the map which consists of the following works:

  1. Topographical Survey, Mapping, and Contouring
  2. Aerial Photographic Survey and Interpretation
  3. Global Positioning System (GPS) Survey for GIS
  4. Bathymetry Survey by echo sounder for underwater riverbed or seabed
  5. Route survey for any kind of route alignment; i.e. Roadwork, Railway, Pipeline, etc.
  6. Asset compensation survey; i.e. Right of way land title deed of any route survey
  7. As built survey of pipeline above and underground
  8. Tax Mapping and application of GIS/MIS for Municipalities household Tax
  9. Satellite Image/ Air Bourne Image/ mobile Mapping System Application
  10. Drone Survey