Building Audit & Structural Survey include the following scopes:

  1. Safety Management Audit for Building.
    • Fire Protection and Fire Control System
    • Management of Building Safety
    • Evacuation and Drilling Plan
    • Fire Escape Design and Supporting System
  2. Safety Equipment and System Audit
    • Fire Stair and Fire Exit
    • Safety Signage and Emergency Exit
    • Fire Host, Fire Extinguisher, and Related Plumbing System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Back-up Electricity and Emergency Supply
    • Compression Chamber and Smoke Prevention System
    • Emergency Elevator System
  3. Building Equipment and Building System
    • Building Drainage and Salvage System, Rain Water Drainage and Air Ducting System
    • Water Pump, Plumbing System, Water Tank, and Reservoir
    • Water Treatment Tank and Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Garbage, Waste Collection, and Garbage Storage Room
    • Other Building Service Systems
    • Other Building Sanitary and Hygiene Systems
  4. Special Audits and System Design as per Special Request and Assignment from the Client.
    • Design, Upgrade, and Enhancing Building Functions, and System
    • Design, Renovate and Refurbish Potential Failure Building
    • Design, Renovate and Refurbish Building which is not conforming to proven Engineering and Civil Standard.
  5. Structural Strength Inspection
    Building structure inspection work
    Building structure inspection by visual work. It is a visual inspection of the existing structural condition and may be a material test for consider to the dulity of the building structure that is stability or not.
    Load testing of structural for the building.
    Structural load testing for consideration of the Strength of structural , such as reinforced concrete floor And the main reinforced concrete beam (Main Member Beam) deflection beyond the standard requirements for testing or not? When the load is increased 1.5 times the designed load and equipped with the Dial Gauge at critical points of the floor and beams tested according to international standards. Reference : EIT 1008-38 and ACI-318.